S.M.A.R.T (Supplies, Materials and Resources for Teachers)



This page has been added to highlight the need for specific classroom items we usually do not get. This makes it possible for OTHER teachers or individuals who may have the item and no longer use it, to get it to a fellow teacher who needs it by donating it to S.M.A.R.T!



I am wondering if you have any larger magnetic boards?  I am looking for the size that would be close, or slightly larger than poster board size.  Thank you!


 I am looking for elementary instruments - hand drums, tambourines, wood blocks - mostly percussion instruments.   I would appreciate any help I could get!  Thanks so much for helping! 



There are several teachers in need of good, electric pencil sharpeners 

There is a need for 3 hole punchers for several of our teachers 




 We need new or gently used, clean clothing for Hallyburton's dress code which is solid colored polos, khaki pants or shorts, and lightweight solid colored jackets w/o hoods.

Our elementary school sure could use some gently used size 6 to 8 sweatpants and donations of new underwear for boys or girls in grades 1 to 5 as well as a good electric pencil sharpener!

khaki pants (any size for male or females) Gr. 6-12 

khaki shorts (any size for male or females) Gr. 6-12 

solid colored lightweight jackets (no hoods) any size for male or females Gr. 6-12 
At our school we have a need for a paper shredder since our day consists of a vocational type work for our students do you or would you have any way of getting anything like that? We shred for several different schools as a way of a community service. 

I am a part-time TA. I am on a cart and have a loud rickety old squeaky, cart. Do you know if you have access to any plastic, two tier carts? 
 I am a computer teacher and I am in need of headphones for my classroom. I have 30 computers and most of the headphones are damaged from daily use of the years. We use these for online activities associated with our curriculum. 
We need a couple dozen Fiskars pointed children's safety scissors for our craft and activity baskets.
I am in need of 8 to 10 small cookie sheets so that every child can use the magnetic letters and numbers in the classroom.  I am 2 magnetic letter sets short.   Thank you for all you do for us teachers and our students. 
I am in desperate need of timers. Many of the students I see need a timer to keep them on task, etc. Any type of timer would be appreciated from kitchen timers to digital.


 A kindergarten teacher is in need of several tri-fold boards.


There are several teachers who could really use a paper cutter.


We have a request for 35 plastic totes such as the Sterlite clear 15-1/4"L x 9-3/4"W x 11"H


  I'm in need of one of the wire or plastic binder machines that closes the binder rings we got. 


Easel pads are needed by a couple of our teachers



One of our teachers would like to replace her old, worn out manila folders with plastic ones so that she will be able to use the same ones again and again.



 A math teacher needs some TI30xs calculators!


If anyone comes across a small microwave or small refrigerator, the building on College Street could sure use one! 

A Phys Ed Department could sure use basketballs, kick balls, soccer balls and wiffle balls !


Several teachers could really use a decent office chair!


Some teachers have children who do not have a backpack so please donate your slightly used ones to us!


We are also in need of masking tape, as many rolls as possible! 

We have a teacher who really could use the following:I would like to have 2 large whiteboards. They can attach to the wall or sit on easels. 

I would also like to have a cassette player, CD player, and graph paper. Thank you.

 Is there any way you could get old magazines from local businesses or residents? I know I can't be the only teacher that would appreciate having magazines that he students can cut pictures out of. I try to use any magazine except for Cosmoplitan types because of the racy content. 




Do you currently have a 2 drawer locking file cabinet?

 I am needing one for locking up testing materials in my office so it has to be one that locks.  I don't have room for a tall 4 or 5 drawer file cabinet, so a small 2 drawer file cabinet would work perfect.


North Liberty School could use all the laundry detergent they can get.They have several loads of laundry to do each day and very little detergent to do that with. Powder or liquid doesn't matter.Brand is not important. They just want to get everyone's items clean!

Family Connections is a wonderful program and they help so many families! read about them here. They are always in need of baby cribs, strollers, car seats, anything that would help the little ones! Any of these gently used items would be great!






If anyone who sees this page has any of the items above and can donate them, please let me know!

[email protected]

Likewise, if you have a specific need, let me know and I can post it here so others can see it!


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